Church On The Street


Have you ever wanted to let the gospel be known everywhere?

Have you ever thought about going on the street and passing out tracts?

The Lord has put these thoughts in your mind



    Have you ever seen a preacher that nobody seems to be listening to?

    Why is that?

    The reason is: people think the person is crazy.

    How do we overcome this problem?

    Jesus gave the answer:

    Go in two's !

    One person may be crazy, but two people are on the same wavelength, therefore they have a testimony.

    The devil works hard and fast to get people isolated, holier than thou, so that they cannot give a united testimony.

    The world therefore continues to ignore the gospel spoken by earnest individual preachers



Church On The Street  brings the powerful testimony of the agreement of two or more Christians together in street witnessing.

Are you tired of the Jehovah Witness visibility (a non-Christian group), and yet we hardly see anything united coming from true believers?

You and I together can change that

Join hands and become Church On The Street

Imagine this: A group of 10 Christians marching along the street carrying a banner which simply says "Jesus Is Lord"

What a powerful testimony! Don't you think at least one person would stop because of the crowd and say, What is this all about?

Or at least they would have to say, "Christians!" and they might be uneasy until they find God

The crowd of just 10 people will bring out conviction from people either way

Instead of now, when hundreds of people pass by the lone preacher, simply ignoring him totally.

Or see the muslim table, at least 4 or 5 muslims dressed up with all their free korans and table filled with literature

Doesn't it bring conviction, even if it is not the truth?

Can't even 10 Christians get together every week on the street, instead of only gathering INSIDE their churches weekly?

Many have forsaken the assembling of believers together OUTSIDE the church walls (Hebrews 10:25)

Can't even 10 Christians agree to put away their differences and stop preaching about their own church and start preaching the simple message to the public?

A lot of people are going to be responsible on the final day

The devil has really succeeded.

Will you make a change and be different and join us?

If so, leave your name and phone number below and we'll begin.

We have street worship on guitar and sermon, you just have to join us and march, dance or do whatever to give a UNITED Christian testimony for people to hear the gospel

You won't be inviting them to your church, but you will be inviting them to a commonly acceptable discipleship program, in whatever church they choose to join. Let them choose.

Let us forget about collecting members but let us put the united testimony of the Christian message first above our own congregations.

Think about this. We are just taking whatever we do inside a church, and doing exactly the same outside the church. Why can't we do that?

Can you do that? Of course you can. Do you want to do it? Yes I know you do. We are designed to love each other and work together - these are Christians (John 13:35)

And that is why you're going to join us weekly or every two weeks on the street!

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